My name is C. Colton Miller, and I have been playing guitar as my primary instrument since I was ten years old. When I was 13 I began studying here in Tulsa with Dick Gordon Jr, my mentor and friend for many years now. After getting my B.S. in Industrial Engineering from OU and working for a while in that field, I decided to open my teaching studio, CCM Guitar Studio, in 1999. With my engineering and construction background I have always been a problem solver, and those skills have been put to good use in my almost 20 years of teaching. I have performed with many bands in Tulsa, Norman, and surrounding areas  over the years, most recently The Barons classic rock outfit. My students are alumnus of various colleges of music including Berklee College of Music in Boston and Belmont University in Nashville among others, and many are professional performers, teachers, and recording artists in their own right.


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     Most of us have hit multiple roadblocks in trying to teach ourselves guitar and music theory, and my curriculum and approach meets these roadblocks head-on.  My lessons are one full hour, pay-as-you-go with no contract required, and are currently $35/lesson. I have a structured curriculum I adhere to and type out extensive assignment sheets for each lesson, and students are expected to meet their daily practice requirements and are held accountable from week-to-week regarding their assigments. I will ultimately terminate our working relationship if I feel the student isn't giving it their all, or is regularly just "phoning it in". If you are looking just to learn a specific song or two my lessons are probably not for you, but if insight and versatility are your goals, please get in touch. I will not give you fish, I WILL TEACH YOU TO FISH!.....I am seeking to connect with serious-minded students who are desirous of rising above the level of mimicry to become guitarists capable of crafting compositions and arrangements on par with seasoned industry professionals. I have my own distinct and recognizable voice, or style on guitar and so can you!.......No "GUITAR HEROES" need apply; there is no pretense or enablement happenin' at CCM Guitar Studio, we take pride in being Bona Fide...

Colton performs on stage.


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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Theory-based  Guitar  and  Bass Guitar  Instructor

 C.  Colton  Miller

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"Like any good architect or instructor, Colton constructs a proper foundation to sustain your guitar growth for decades to come. By systematically teaching the basic-to-more complex music theories he makes the impossible possible..."

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