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est. 1999

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Theory-based  Guitar  and  Bass Guitar  Instructor

 C.  Colton  Miller

Private Lessons

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"Like any good architect or instructor, Colton constructs a proper foundation to sustain your guitar growth for decades to come. By systematically teaching the basic-to-more complex music theories he makes the impossible possible..."

Barry  S.  Baker

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     I am a professional guitarist and guitar teacher in Tulsa, OK providing Guitar lessons and Bass lessons since 1999 for beginning-through-advanced students in Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, and surrounding area.

Are you sick and tired of a chronic reliance on the "monkey see, monkey do" approach to your guitar studies? Do you desire to achieve the insight necessary to become a more knowledgeable, and as a result, creative musician? If so please read further, it's possible you have found what you've been seeking!..Areas of study: six-string Acoustic & Electric Guitar and four & five-string Bass Guitar...Ukelele lessons upon request.

Tulsa Guitar Lessons & Tulsa Bass lessons by C. Colton Miller
Tulsa Guitar Lessons & Tulsa Bass Lessons by C. Colton Miller

     Have you had your fill of "song teachers" who tab-out accessible bits and pieces of songs while giving absolutely no insight as to what is going on? Or demonstrate to you how they play certain songs and then simply say "There you go, that's how it's played!", leaving you with no clue how to reproduce what you just saw and heard? Well, I am NOT one of those teachers...We will start with a thorough assessment of your playing, and take it from there in a structured, methodical fashion. We start with the open chord phase of the curriculum, where you will learn the required open chords, how to properly hold your pick, how to count and play common time signatures, etc....Around this time I will also teach you about the musical alphabet, major key scales, and other important music theory as it relates to the guitar. Once you have "tested-out" on all the required open chord songs and exercises, it will be time for the second major phase of the curriculum which is closed chords (both barre and non-barre forms). This is where the advanced chord theory comes in: we will learn about chord symbols, chord formulae, and of course how, when, and where to use all the more stylized and colorful-sounding "extension chords". And no, a BbMa9 (as an example) is not a "jazz chord"; it is used in all genres of music (rock, country, blues, pop, etc.), just ask J. Mayer or E. Clapton....If my approach sounds more appealing than other avenues you have pursued, please contact me so we can take you to levels you've always wanted to achieve on guitar!  

Tulsa Guitar Lessons & Tulsa Bass Lessons by C. Colton Miller